shishito peppers - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
shishito peppers - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
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nachos - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
nachos - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
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salsa prep - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
salsa prep - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
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fish tacos - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
fish tacos - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
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the crunchy mushy mess - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
the crunchy mushy mess - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
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street corn  (gnawful start) - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
street corn (gnawful start) - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
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fish burrito (surf and slaw) - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
fish burrito (surf and slaw) - TRAIL BREAK taps + tacos
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dinner menu

::::  OH HEY! just a quick note  ::::

We find ourselves - once again - insurmountably short staffed, unable to find the required amount of individuals willing to put forth a consistently high level of effort to execute our goals here at TRAIL BREAK! This means we may/will, at times, fall short of the speed of service and consistency of product that you have come to be so fanatic about here! With this in mind, we ask  TWO THINGS: 


 1)  Please be P-A-T-I-E-N-T! If you look around, you'll see ALL of our staff making every effort possible to make sure your experience is enjoyable and as smooth as possible but we need more bodies (to make drinks, clean tables, run food, prep meals, wash dishes...). This creates a lag most commonly found in our kitchen ticket times. We will do our best to put out a quality product in a timely manner but if the restaurant is buzzin', please be prepared to wait up to 45+ minutes for your food.


 2)  Keep us P-O-S-T-E-D! We (owner, manager, servers, cooks, & support staff want, and need, to know when something is genuinely not as it should be or falls short of previously formed expectations. We are LUCKY to have such a dedicated and hard working core crew and we all aim to execute every shift in a way that appears as though we are FLUSH with employees so please let us know about your experience when you are able to by speaking with your server or emailing:



all 4.75

queso fresco-crusted jalapeno cornbread

(with jalapeno crema)

chips + salsa

chips + guac (+.25)

chips + pickled pineapple salsa

spicy predicaments (pickled veggies)

side howZit salad (see apps)

anaheim chili + black bean rice

anaheim chili-black bean rice

street corn

house black beans

sweet potato chic pea hash

chili dusted grilled watermelon

fried plantains with maple sambal



queso fresco-CRUSTED sweet jalapeno cheddar cornbread topped with jalapeno crema + cilantro  4.75

gnawful start [v] [vg*] [gf]

sweet corn on the cobb grilled and slathered with pepper aioli, grated cotija cheese & micro cilantro

4 pieces (2 cobbs) 8.5

6 pieces (3 cobbs) 11.75

smoky, spicy, sweet [v] [vg] [gf*]

fresh + crispy corn tortilla chips served with our house charred salsa, pickled pineapple salsa and

(large) grilled serrano guac!  12.75     

spicy predicaments [v] [vg] [gf]

a spicy carrot, onion, cauliflower, jalapeno medley of  pickled perfection  7.5

duckin delicacies

six tender fried duck wings tossed in sweet + spicy  maple sambal  12 

‘howzit’ salad [v] [vg*] [gf]

blackened grilled watermelon + shaved onion + crumbled cotija + toasted pepitas over

fresh spring mix with grilled pineapple vinaigrette  11.75

the TWO COURSE NACHO  [v*] [gf**]

TWO pans served one after the other to keep it fresh right to the epicly crunchy end!

crispy corn tortilla chip slathered in queso, grilled serrano quac, cilantro lime crema, green onion,

cheese + more cheese and your choice of:



    half order  (single tray - feeds 2-4)  15.25

    full order (feeds 6-8) - one tray of each or both the same? 26.5

     add chicken, carnitas, or steak  + 3.5 / tray


 VERTICAL EATS (burritos) 

add a side of guac!  + 3.25 

add a side of queso! + 2 

Special: add anaheim chili rice + 1.75

  >>> PAIR EM UP! <<<  

   burrito + a side 17.75   


B.A.D. burrito

cage-free eggs + house chorizo + tater tots + grilled Anaheim peppers + cheese blend + house mild sauce   13.75

(why IS delicious with black beans as well)  + 2


left coast

carne asada (shaved steak) + guac + cheese blend + tater tots + house mild sauce   13.75

surf and slaw

fried cornmeal-crusted haddock + shaved red onion + grilled pineapple +  jalapeno crema + papaya salsa  13.75


(not so) standard

grilled, shredded, spiced chicken + black beans +  tater tots + cheese blend +

cilantro-lime crema + serrano guac  13.75

low and slow

sweet slow roasted shredded pork + taters + pickled onion + lime crema + pineapple + cheese blend 13.75


go-to  [v]  [vg*]

house black beans + tater tots + shaved red onion + cheese blend +  house mild sauce   10.5 


hash it out  [v] [vg]

sweet potato/chic pea hash + tater tots + sweet & spicy maple sambal + grilled

Anaheim peppers + house black beans  12.5


Horchata  4

 Jalapeno WaterLEMon agua fresca (house made spicy watermelon lemonade)  4

Newman’s Own  lemonade / limeade  3

             add guava or raspberry or strawberry to either + 1.5

Liquid Death sparkling waters (16oz): regular; mango; lime; berry  3 / still water 3

Stowe Cider Fresh Press (sparkling apple cider!) 4.75

KIS Kombucha  4.75

Rookie's draft Root Beer (made in VT)  3.5 (sorry, no refills)

Jarritos Mexican sodas  pineapple / mandarin / grapefruit / lime / tamarind  3.5

Maine Root bluberry soda OR Mexicane Coke   3.75

SAP! maple soda 3.75

Ablis CBD sparkling infusion strawberry mojito (non alc) seltzer (12oz/25mg cbd) 7.75 *(18*)

 TACKY TORTILLAS (quesadillas) 


add a side of guac!  + 3.25 

'Big Crusty'

(available Sunday through Tuesday only) 

a cheese crusted (inside out) quesadilla stuffed with carne asada, shaved red onion and grilled anaheim peppers

and MORE cheese! Topped with jalapeno crema!  16.75


sweet + tender roasted pork + pineapple + jalapeno crema + cheese blend  15.75

shrimpy Q  

marinated shrimp + scallions + pineapple + cheese blend - topped with

guava crema and papaya salsa  16.75


classic  [v]  

super cheese-stuffed cheesiness topped with spicy and lime cremas  11.75

add pork, chicken, or shaved carne asada + 3.5 


c.v.q  [v]  

grilled sweet potato-chic pea hash + cheese blend + sweet & spicy maple sambal  14.75



heads up: most are garnished with micro cilantro!

ADD RICE! (limited time only) + 1.75

 >>> PAIR EM UP! <<< 

  two tacos + side  15 

  three tacos + side  19  

*add .50 for each blackened, sizzled and tuna taco & sometimes dizzy!

the DIZZY taco [our rotating variety that changes from time to time]

sizzled [gf]

ancho marinated shrimp + shaved cabbage + shaved red onion + guava and jalapeno cremas  6

roasted [gf]

sweet tender pork + pickled red onion + cotija cheese + lime crema  5.25


grilled [gf]

shredded spice-braised chicken + queso fresco + shaved onion + pepper crema  5.25

low - maintenance [v] [vg] [gf]

fried jerk-seasoned cauliflower + mixed greens + shaved onion + toasted pepitas + papaya salsa  5

chilled [gf]

raw sushi-grade ahi tuna (marinated in adobo) + crispy tater tots + guac + pepper crema  6


blackened [gf]

spice rubbed, grilled mahi mahi + shredded cabbage + traditional crema + coconut chile de arbol sauce  6


cornmeal crusted, fried haddock + shredded cabbage + pickled pineapple salsa + jalapeno crema 5.75

stewed [v] [vg*] [gf*]

house black beans + tater tots + shaved onion + cotija cheese + house mild sauce  4.75


seared [gf]

marinated, shaved carne asada  + tots + red onion + guac + house mild sauce  5.25

 plan ahead (or start off right?)... 

Tres Leches cake!

dense sweet milk-soaked sponge topped with guava crema

(tastes like a giant twinkie cake!)  7

Cinnamon MOST Crunch (churros)

small, crunchy, softy, delectable fried cinnamon sugar sticks served with good old pure maple syrup!

you're going to want more (5 piece)   4.75

could be enough (7 piece)  6.00

the right amount (10 piece)  8.00