We've received a bunch of emails, calls and even a few knocks on the closed doors from many of you wanting to show your enthusiastic support for TRAIL BREAK while the TACO-POCALYPSE carries on.

We'll be back to rockin' the TACO TRAILER at your weddings and reunions, slingin' the MARGARITAS on our sunny patio and running around during the enjoyable chaos that is most lunch and dinner shifts at TRAIL BREAK S O O N! 

Thank you all! 

How to help (and get your bonus!) 

>>> GIFT CARDS <<<<
(please note: gift cards are not valid for in-house events, off-site catering, or taco trailer parties)

> First, we'd like to pass on your support and we will donate 5% of ALL gift card sales to the Upper Valley Haven and LISTEN Community Services (split between the two).

> For every gift card purchase of $50 or more, you will receive a 10% bonus (applied manually after purchase)

> Every purchase of $50 or more also receives a limited holographic TRAIL BREAK logo sticker to show off YOUR show of support!

> For $100 or more, you will receive a 15% bonus (applied manually after purchase)

*** when purchasing $200 and up, please note you'll have to buy multiple gift cards at $100 (or whatever amount up to that). The company we use has put a $100 sales limit on each online gift card order. We are working to get this resolved! ***

> For $200 or more, you will receive a 15% bonus AND get to choose a beer that we put on tap AND receive priority seating for the remainder of 2020 (call ahead seating/reservations for ANY size party...patio...back lounge...even bar seats!...no more 40 minute waits for you!)


!!! T H A N K you to everyone who has emailed, called, texted and messaged (although we are kinda bummed no one has sent their regards via airplane-towed-banner yet)! Some cool events and contests headed your way once the slingin' begins again....a year of free tacos anyone?....stay tuned and stay STOKED!

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