plan ahead (or start off right?)... 

Tres Leches cake!

dense sweet milk-soaked sponge topped with guava crema

(tastes like a giant twinkie cake!)  6

Cinnamon MOST Crunch

our new & improved churros! Fried dough - crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, tossed in our spiced cinnamon sugar dust and served with ancho-chocolate dipping sauce

tiny (5 pieces) (its probably not enough)  6

regular (9 pieces) (no shame in putting them all away yourself)  8

the right amount (12 pieces) (you're still going to want more) 10


all 4.50

chips + roasted salsa

chips + pickled pineapple salsa

chips + guac

tortilla soup (add 2.00)

fried plantains w/maple sambal

fried chipotle cotija brussels

house made black beans

sweet potato chic pea hash

chili dusted grilled watermelon

spicy predicaments

Gearin' back up: menu changes to come 

  We are starting to get a bit busier with each passing week! (Don't forget, we are open for lunches

 FRIDAY and SATURDAY and brunch will be back some time in February!) 

 We are slowly bringing back some of the menu items we've put on the backburner for a while so let us know

 what you'd like to see come back sooner rather than later and we'll do our best to make it happen! 

 START HERE  (apps + salads)


smoky, spicy, sweet [v] [vg] [gf*]

fresh + crispy corn tortilla chips served with our house charred salsa, pickled pineapple salsa and

(large) grilled serrano guac!  10.5 


tortilla soup [v] [vg*] [gf*]

slightly spicy, super chunky veggie soup (with a bit of beer for good measure) topped with jalapeno crema,

crispy tortilla strips and micro cilantro  6.5

spicy predicaments [v] [vg*] [gf]

a spicy carrot, onion, cauliflower, jalapeno medley of  pickled perfection  4.5


bunch O brussels [v] [vg*] [gf]

crispy fried chipotle brussels topped with cotija cheese and 'spicy' crema  7.75

duckin delicacies

six tender fried duck wings tossed in sweet + spicy  maple sambal  12 

yummA yUca [v*] [vg**] [gf*]

deep fried yuca fries coated in cotija cheese and served with bacon crema  7.75


‘howzit’ salad [v] [vg*] [gf]

grilled watermelon, shaved red onion and crumbled cotija cheese over kale with grilled pineapple vinaigrette  10

 VERTICAL EATS (burritos) 

sub pineapple-braised jackfruit to make any burrito veggie friendly!

add a side of guac!  + 3 

brunch (burrito) bowl

two fried eggs + your choice of protein (chorizo, carne asada, chicken, carnitas, jackfruit) over

Mexican cheese blend + black beans + house hot sauce   12.5

B.A.D. burrito

cage-free eggs + house chorizo + taters + grilled Anaheim peppers + cheese blend + hot sauce   12.5

(why yes...it IS delicious with black beans as well)  + 2


left coast

carne asada (shaved steak) + guac + cheese blend + taters + hot sauce   13

surf and slaw

fried cornmeal-crusted haddock + shaved red onion + grilled pineapple +  jalapeno crema + papaya salsa  13

low and slow

sweet slow roasted shredded pork + taters + pickled onion + cheese blend + pineapple salsa 13

(not so) standard

grilled, shredded, spiced chicken + black beans +  taters + cheese blend + cilantro-lime crema + serrano guac   13


go-to  [v]  [vg*]

house black beans + taters + shaved red onion + cheese blend +  hot sauce   10 

(add guac!)  + 3  (add jackfruit) +3


hash it out  [v] [vg]

sweet potato/chic pea hash + taters + sweet & spicy maple sambal + grilled Anaheim peppers   10

(why yes...it IS delicious with black beans as well)  + 2


house made agua frescas

           horchata (cinnamon + almond milk)* contains nuts and dairy 3.5

 jalapeno waterLEMon  3.5

Newman’s Own  lemonade / limeade  3

             add guava or raspberry to either + 1

Liquid Death sparkling water (16oz) 3

Eli’s draft root beer  3 (sorry, no refills)

Jarritos Mexican sodas guava / mandarin / pineapple / grapefruit / strawberry / passion fruit 3.5

Joe's Peach Iced Tea (20oz bottles) 5

Maine Root blueberry soda OR Mexicane Coke   3.75

SAP! maple soda // maple seltzer // birch  3.75

Kingdom Kombucha on draft (non alcoholic)  4.5

Vita Coco pressed coconut juice (17oz) 5



heads up: most are garnished with micro cilantro!

double heads up: you can sub pineapple jackfruit to make any taco veggie friendly!


>>> PAIR EM UP! <<< 

  two tacos + side 14* 

  three tacos + side 18*  

*add .50 for each blackened taco (and sometimes DIZZY taco)

(more taco favorites coming back one we're past this whole Covid thing)


the DIZZY taco [our rotating variety that changes from time to time]

Sweet hash + chipotle fried brussels + pickled onion + maple sambal [v] [vg] [gf]  5

roasted [gf]

sweet tender pork + pickled red onion + cotija cheese + lime crema  5


grilled [gf]

shredded spice-braised chicken + queso fresco + shaved onion  5


blackened [gf]

spice rubbed, grilled mahi mahi + shredded cabbage + traditional crema + coconut chile de arbol sauce  5.75


cornmeal crusted, fried haddock + shredded cabbage + pickled pineapple salsa + jalapeno crema 5

stewed [v] [vg*] [gf*]

house black beans + griddled taters + shaved onion + cotija cheese + hot sauce  4.5


seared [gf]

marinated, shaved carne asada  + red onion + guac + hot sauce  5

sizzled [gf]

ancho marinated shrimp + shaved cabbage + shaved red onion + guava and jalapeno cremas  5.75

B.A.D [gf]

cage-free egg + house chorizo + taters + cheese blend + house hot sauce  5

low-maintenance [v] [vg*] [gf]

pineapple-braised shredded jackfruit, guac, shaved onion 4.5

 TACKY TORTILLAS (quesadillas) 


add a side of guac!  + 3 


sweet + tender roasted pork + pineapple + jalapeno crema + cheese blend  15

(sub jackfruit to make it vegetarian)


classic  [v]  

super cheese-stuffed cheesiness topped with spicy and lime cremas  11

add pork, chicken, shaved carne asada + 4 or pineapple jackfruit  + 3 


c.v.q  [v]  

grilled sweet potato-chic pea hash + cheese blend + maple sambal  14


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