A quick heads up!! 

As it seems with all other businesses right now, we are facing some *SIGNIFICANT* staffing shortages (in EVERY area of the operation) AND various supply chain issues. 

We just wanted to   thank you  in advance for your patience!

Until things drastically improve, we will continue to take longer to greet and seat you AND (when we are jammin' - like we are most hours we are open - you can expect to wait  40 minutes to an hour  for your food order.

We are SLAMMED every shift, which we are stoked about, but at various points each week we do, and will, lack the resources to fully execute on certain aspects of the brand you've come to enjoy and be

so enthusiastic about.

Please feel free to pass on any feedback about your experience to: Topher@TrailBreakWRJ.COM or send any applicants our way via email at TrailWork@TrailBreakWRJ.COM!

**** We're hoping to bring back LUNCHES and BRUNCH soon!! ****